The Montreal Aquarium SocieT wishes to welcome all new members!

You have come to this site because you, just like our members, are involved with tropical fish. Let me tell you a
little about us. A few people got together in 1933 to share their knowledge of keeping fish in the home
aquarium. This small group met in each others homes and eventually had to expand to larger locales.
Henceforth, monthly meetings were held which are still perpetuated today.

We are a non-profit organization and the goals are to promote the mutual interest of its members in acquiring,
breeding and raising aquarium fish and plant life.

Our monthly meetings consist of different activities which are outlined when browsing this site. I invite you to
come to one of our meetings to check us out and learn about our club.

Jim Cartier, President
Email Us: mas092011@yahoo.ca
Call Us: 514-648-4936
Established since 1933
Get in touch with us!
Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are
always happy to help you. We take great pride in our
club and strive to help each other increase our
knowledge of the hobby and to share the enjoyment
that keeping tropical fish brings.
Friends and Partners
Montreal Aquarium SocieT

Our Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

See our Meetings page for details of the evening
(Meeting starts at 7:45 pm, but doors open at 7:15)
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Mercredi 15 Octobre 2019 à 19h30
Rencontre mensuelle du
Société d'Aquariophilie de Montréal

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Celebrating over 80 years of promoting the aquarium hobby
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