Getting Together!
Meetings are held at 7:45pm on the second Wednesday of each month, except for July and
August, at the:

CRCS St Zotique                                              Note: The room number will be posted
75, Sir Georges Etienne Cartier Sq                          on the board directly in front
Montréal, QC H4C 3A1
                                               of the entrance

You can see how to get there by
Clicking Here

To reach us via public transit, get off at the St Henri metro station (orange line), go out
the exit directly in front of you as you go through the turnstiles. Once outside, go right to
Notre Dame, then right along Notre Dame to Sir Georges Etienne Cartier and left to the
address above.

Each meeting consists of an introduction of the night's activities, followed by a presentation
by a speaker on various subjects related to tropical fish keeping. There is a break during
which raffle tickets are sold. We then draw for monthly door prizes (members in attendance
only) and the raffle (open to all who purchased tickets). Finally, there is a monthly auction
during which anyone can buy the items up for sale. (Note items in the auction can only
come from members)

                     Our Next Meeting >>>

                Wednesday,  September 11, 2019.

     Meeting starts at 7:45 pm Door is open at 7:15

      This month we will be having a presentation by

                                  Jeff Cardwell
         Back to Brazil,
  Adventures on the Abacaxis 2015 Discus & Apistos

          As usual there will be an auction and a raffle
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Membership Fees

> Individual - $25.00 per year

> Family  -      $30.00 per year

> Visitors -     $4.00   per meeting

Celebrating over 80 years of promoting the aquarium hobby

Jeff's Bio

Jeff Cardwell has been active in the aquarium hobby for more
than 40 years. He maintains over 60 aquaria and his interests
and expertise extend to catfish, killies, rainbowfishes and cichlids.
Jeff has traveled extensively to collect aquarium fishes on more
than 40 trips to Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Suriname,
Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador, the Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin
Islands. An enthusiastic keeper of North America's native fishes,
his collecting trips have also taken him to many parts of the
United States. Both as a speaker and a judge, Jeff has been a
familiar figure at shows throughout the Midwest for more than
thirty years. He is an active member of the American Cichlid
Association, the American Livebearer Association, and the Circle
City Aquarium Society.